BEHEMOTH - Coming soon!

Hey everyone so my name is Josiah Tuohima and a friend of mine named Hayden Fraser and I have been designing a yoyo for around the past half year or so. I’ve had this design in my head a lot longer but my dream is finally becoming a reality. I present to you the Behemoth. A stable, agile, comfortable in the hand, and wideset playing yoyo just like a bulldog that will soon be available to you. It is 68.4 grams. Diameter: 56.5 mm. Width: 48 mm. They will be very limited to about 25 pieces maybe less. We have no company name. Just two friends making yoyos and having fun, which is what it’s all about right? If you guys have any questions feel free to message me!

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Oh wow this is cool.

Looks fantastic!

Sick! Can’t wait to see the final product. Ill test it out for ya. :wink:

Reminds me of the x3 seed! Looks awesome !!!

U know

Ok, now the bad news>

That ‘edge’ right at the outer edge of the response system. Looks sharp enough to be a good string cutter.

Also the sharp defined ‘edge’ does nothing to help off center hits smoothly drop into the gap. Corners like that often give a little clunky feel. In other words it’s not a friendly edge. It is not a functional edge.

Performance in design should Never be eclipsed by a functionless, useless edge.

Next is the very outer edges on the rims. When in doubt round it out. Those ‘square cornered’ rims are also useless. They cannot be comfortable. Unless you have some kind of unusually large hands, a 48mm Yoyo does not constitute a recipe for comfort.

Now moving slightly inward… Gets real funny, there. That slot was made with a : plunge cut or cut-off tool. The tool cuts Straight in and obviously results in 2 sharp edges.

If you are just going to make the 25 yoyos and keep them Raw…? But if you intend to ano the yoyos, that slot is going to be a Pain for whatever shop anodizes them. And understand that Ano is ‘thinnest’ on edges.

And the reply stating it reminds the guy of an Xcube Seed? That is like a guy going to the Zoo and saying a Hippo reminds him of an Elephant. The Seed has no: sharp edges, no plunge cut slots and no built in string cutters at the gap.

Yosiah, you got some nice compliments on the pic of your Yoyo. I only jumped into this thread because I thought some reality might help your perspective before you make 25 mistakes.

You didn’t ask for advice. I understand that.

I’ve Been cutting up and tweaking yoyos and Yoyo shapes for many many years now. It hasn’t really made me a more skilled Player, lol. But my constant Yoyo modding,experiments have given me a much clearer view on things that work in Yoyo designs and things that ‘don’t work’.

Just glancing at your Yoyo… It looks Cool. But when you really stare into the unfinished aspects of the Yoyo; it becomes apparent that you are not quite done yet.

Remember, anything short of doing something right, is doing it wrong.

I think it’s really neat that you have taken the initiative to make your own Yoyo design.

That Yoyo in the pic just does not look ready for ‘The Machines’…

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Yeah yoyodoc. That’s why it’s only a protoooo. There’ll be more before the run is actually done. We already know what problems we have to fix but I appreciate your input. Also it’s not meant to be the best yoyo you can buy. This is a design that I like and plays well very well. Just thought I’d let you know that this is in no way a final product. It’s just a building block to it.

lol sorry if i sounded ignorant. I just think the overall shape reminds me of one. Thats it.