beginning looping

So I suddenly had the urge to try looping a day or two ago. So I picked up my Loop1080 and just tryed it, I didn´t have too much time to try it jet, but I´m progressing my best was maybe 16 inside outside loops, wich isn´t great, but hey… I´m just startig :wink:
So i have a few questions, I know practice is the only thing thats going to make me better, but getting some advice might help too :wink:

So I´m just practicing with inside outside right now, would you say its better to practice one side first (first inside by itself and then outside by itself) or is inside outside good?
Then I still use my arm a lot, and when i try to just use my wrist/hand I cant control the yoyo at all. so how much of my arm can i use? and how do i reduce the arm power needet to control?
And finally, the yoyo tilts to the side a lot, and it doesn´t stay in a small space with every loop, but it goes kind of all over the place, how can i prefent it from tiling/how can i correct it when it tilts, and how important is it to keep the yoyo in a small space with every loop?

hope someone can give me some advice :wink:

thanks gonna go back to practicing now

2a unite!

It’s cool you could get 16 loops down in a couple days. That’s real progress.

As for inside-outside loops. Whichever way gets you most comfortable with doing them is probably the best way to go.

The arm swinging thing isn’t anything to worry about either. It my take some time, but you should be able to loop with solely a hand flick. But for now working on control is probably your best bet.

When practicing loops you should probably keep it controlled. If it starts to fly every where just grab it, and start again. (An checking tension regularly is good)

Also there’s a really cool thread just for 2a. I’ve seen a lot of people come on and ask Qs and get answers super quick. So you might wanna check that out too. :slight_smile:

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okay cool :wink: thanks kind of getting a hang of it i think, it doesnt look great yet xD but i gues it doesn´t have to for the beginning.
but i can´t even imagine how hard its gonna be to go to my left hand and then both… kind of intimedating ive got to say :wink:

it is kinda rough. And I’d suggest learning to loop with each hand individually. Then combine later.
But whenever you start with actual 2a, make sure you’re awesome with your right. That way, you’ll be able to concentrate on your left, while you loop with ease with your right. Then when you get the hang of it, go flip out all crazy like awesome with concentration on both XD

And it also helps when you do start with both hands. Start slow. Doing the loops at the same time may help to start. And maybe just a forward pass at the same time. Ya’ know, ease your way into it.

wow… so starting with both hands is possible? i didnt think that was actually doable xD well i just have 1 looping yoyo right now^^so there is no option there, but starting with 2 sounds even more scary xD

I’m thinking of 2A. I can do 40 something inside-outside loops. It takes a bit to learn to loop. I managed 40 after a lot of practice. The 1080’s a nice choice. That’s what I learned on. ;). Most of the people that I know started with the 1080. Gratz to you that you got 16 outside loops in two days!

Legyoyo is talking about the thread I started up! I’m sure you’ve seen it before. Bookmark it to your browser for fast access.,49929.300.html

I always tell this to learners [and to myself as I am learning still], PRACTICE ONLY GOOD LOOPS. If you mess up, stop what you’re doing - restart - and do it again. Your body needs to get the hang of the feel of a good loop.

Make sure the yoyo is tilted as well; roughly a 1o’clock tilt on right hand and 11o’clock on left hand. Also make sure that the yoyo is flipping half a turn each time.

If you have any more questions, just hit up the 2A thread. I made that thread so it’s easier to find tips, advice, and more information all in one place.

Take your time still, by the way. Focus on your dominant hand loops until you’re comfortable with it. As in comfortable enough that you’re not even thinking about it. Work on your non-dominant hand after you’ve done the first thing. I think it’ll be more beneficial.