beginner yoyo

okay so currently i only have a duncan butterfly but i want a yoyo that i can actually do stuff with other than trapeze. Im looking for a yoyo that can be responsive and be able to change to unresponsive when I’m ready. currently i have been looking at the yyj classic, dv888, and velocity. I want to stay around that price range if you have any other suggestions. Also i want to get a looping yoyo to experiment with, so what would be a good looping yoyo (under $20) that would be best to learn with?

Yoyofactory loop 808 or yoyojam unleashed for looping.

And yoyo jam classic or yoyofactory replay pro for 1 a. But you’ll have to get a size bearing to play unresponsive with classic but with replay you can play unresponsive stock.

DV888 is outdated and velocity has too much centerweight. Loop 360 and classic should do you well.