Beginner yoyo opinion-off!

Alright y’all. I just learned about the Spin Gadget in another thread. Got me thinking, what is the best performance beginner yoyo in your opinion?

I have a Butterfly XT, Spinstar and Arise. Id rank them in that order. None are great at string tricks, I use them all more for stalls and super responsive stuff if anything.

Id rank the XT just a notch over the other two, personally.

Wondering if anyone has tried things like the Spin Gadget or the Snap Back that can compare how those do.

Or any other beginner yoyos around these pricepoints that performs better, especially for string tricks, that y’all are fond of?


Snap back is a decent choice. It’s good for all your beginner string tricks. The Origen (which is available at another shop that is well known for putting out great tutorials) is like $20, metal, and also great for your beginner string tricks

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Myy crystal k2p is just too good a deal. It comes shipped quick from rainforest site, has strings, an unresponsive kit, a case, a bearing tool, and even gloves. Hard to beat that at $13 ish


Duncan Roadrunner can be found cheap in the rainforest, Aceyo has some $25 throws that are good, YYFriends Shortcut is probably the best option for $30 it’s has a really good performance to cost ratio


Snapback is an excellent beginner yoyo. I bought a dozen for the club and I’ve thrown one dozens of times. It’s great.


I bet it depends on the player like maybe something more forgiving like aoe would be better for like a kid with less patience. SnapBack or xt is probably good for like an adult or young person that can learn good technique and needs less hand holding. I don’t know tho just a thought.

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The YYF Whip is an excellent option for under $10. It’s decent enough in a responsive setup and you can make it unresponsive with the swap of a bearing. It’s also just a fun yoyo.

My favorite would be the Recess First Base though. Such a good yoyo, whether you’re a beginner or experienced.


The snapback is a million times better then the Duncan XT. I wouldn’t put them in the same league at all. The snap back is a great beginner yoyo that i recommend to beginners of any age. I got a father and son to buy a few for themselves and the rest of the l thier family and everyone even grandpa is very happy and throwing successfully.
I have not tried most the other yoyos mentioned above so i can’t compare.
But please give the snapback a try for beginners. From the 1st throw for a kid its mind blowing, that same yoyo will allow for 1A combos to develop (imo much easier and faster) where as with an XT you need some serious skill to land sonething like spiritbomb which on a Snapback i can land regularly.
I am only mentioning this a second time because i am really impressed with the snap back


Yah I only grouped those two together bc they’re narrow and high walled vs aoe that has no walls and is wide. Never tried a SnapBack but I’ll take your word for it and encourage OP to do the same.

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First base all day every day followed by SnapBack or a spinstar and rounding off at a Duncan xt for budget.

So many amazing starter options but everyone has a different tolerance for budget so those are my tiers.

This is also heavily US based opinion if we where looking overseas it would be a myy K1 or sn AoE probably

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