Beginner ocarina?

Does anyone here play ocarina? What its a good beginner one? I was looking at the stl plastic tenor. Is that a good starter? I don’t want to spend too much just in case I don’t like it.

I got an ocarina a few months ago. I got a plastic resin alto C from i believe amazon. I love to play every now and then, although a a 12 hole only has a range of an octive and a half. I also play the violin, flute, recorder, drums, and a harmonica. I really love music…a lot.

Ill probably end up getting it once I save up enough allowance. The only thing is I was gonna buy loopers with that money so I have to decide between learning to loop or the ocarina… ???

I’ve been playing the ocarina off and on for awhile now. Mine was from songbird ocarinas, but I hear these are good too:

They’re also a bit more affordable here, and they have a bit of a better variety. I’m planning on buying one here in the future.

What you want is probably fine. I can’t comment on plastic though, I’ve never bought a plastic one.

I have been looking at songbird too. I might go with the stl because they are cheaper though. Does any one have any experience with both clay and plastic ocarinas? Are the cheap plastic ones worth it or should I just save for a nice clay one?

I started on a cheap plastic one I got off amazon. But then I was lucky enough to win this contest, so I got a free STL OoT.
The cheap plastic one worked fine though for learning. The fingering and everything is the same, and the tone is decent enough.
Maybe for your first ocarina you should go with a plastic to see if you enjoy playing. Then if you do, spring for a ceramic. They sell some ceramics at stl for around 35 iirc