beginer yoyo

My girlfriend wants to start yoyoing and the only yoyos we can get here are lyn fury, journey, kickside, legacy which one would you recommend shes been using my dark magic atm and she can bind any suggestions?

I highly suggest either the Kickside or Journey. Both are great beginner yoyos, and can take her far :wink:

contrary to what samad said, i would definalelly go with a legacy because it has awesome spin times and mine can out smooth my dm and my new bread. it will also take you far.

thanks for the confusion xD

The Legacy requires a bind, stock. Because his girlfriend can’t bind, the Kickside or Journey would be a better choice.

point proven

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Whoops. I guess I read it wrong :wink:


Die-Nasty! I say Die-Nasty or Legacy… Both are great yoyos, and offer amazing play…If she can bind these yoyo’s will help her perfect it and should get her well through all the tricks on this site.

I say Legacy, because it’s already unresponsive… and most people would prefer unresponsive once you can bind. It’s also a nice yoyo, and since she’s been using your DM, the shape would fit.