Begginer troubles, help please.

Hello, i just started with yoyoing, watched some of your tutorial videos.
So I’ve bought 2 yoyo’s one Imperial shaped with clutch mechanism and one simple metallic butterfly.
I have 2 problems.

  1. Sometime my yoyo’s start spinning in the wrong axis, instead of spinning vertically (as usual yoyo’s do) is start to spin horizontally, totally f’s it up and the is no way of getting it straight than killing it and start again.
  2. Clutch mechanism on my Imperial yoyo is to stiff, i can’t seem to throw it hard enough to make it sleep, only on very few occasions. Is there anything i can do about it?

Thank you for help.

welcome to the fourms!
as for the yoyo tilting just practice your throw
and i am not sure about the brain but i THINK you can take it out

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Yes, welcome to the forum! However, it is frequently visited by young kids, so please don’t swear. Thanks. :wink:

  1. It happens. As it sleeps, it will start to spin around no matter what, then it will also start to tilt and continue to do so because the string is rubbing the side, slowing that one down, making it tilt more. Working on a nice straight throw and learning to fix a tilting yoyo will help you out.

  2. You can take the clutch out, but that’s a pain to just do. For throwing clutch yoyos, throw it down, but don’t extend your arm all the way. When the yoyo gets to the bottom of the string, slowly extend your arm so that you have the least force possible to have it be pulled up.

Sorry for swearing, edited it away, i’m used to emmm…other kinds of forums.

Thank you for help.
I have another question, what is a good yoyo for a beginner, i like looping tricks a lot but i’d like to try doing some string tricks too, i’d also prefer if it’s not too expensive, (like 10-20$).

The YoYoFactory Velocity or any plastic YoYoJam yo-yo will work just fine for you.

I checked them out and i’d REALLY like to buy The Journey but i couldn’t find NOTHING here in Sweden and if i order from YYE the shipping cost will be double the price of the yoyo itself, ebay have nothing too.

try the buy sell trade here

I prefer 2 any beginner never to buy a cluth yoyo.

Why’s that?