Been Working on my 2A

Hey guys and gals,

I’ve been working on my 2A lately with speedbeetles and they really have been tearing up my fingers (probably just because I’m not use to looping with my right hand) but I am looking for something that would be nice and smooth right out of the box for looping. I think my problem with the speedles is that they (for a fraction of a second) sleep at the end of the loop then snap back (what I believe they are suppose to do) but because of this it really has been ripping on my fingers a bit. What have you used for 2A that you like? Someone suggested something called raiderEXs? Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Sunsets are pretty good. You could also try putting duct tape around the part of your finget the string goes on.

2a is fun. :slight_smile:

How loose is the string? Mine usually don’t sleep at the end of the loop like that unless the string is loose.

I use Relics and love them. I also liked the Speed Beetles and 720s that I tried, but I think I’ll always come back to my Relics.

Paolo, I’ll give the ductape a try, I have used bandaids before and they took away a lot of the pain lol.

Apetrunk, the string tension varies, when one gets too loose and the other gets too tight I switch from inside loop to hop the fence. I’m trying to get to a point where I could compete at a contest in a 2A division or Y division. It’s going to take some time lol.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, I’ll look into the Sunsets and Relics. I might even give the 720’s a try haha

720’s are beastly. But I like my sunsets alot to

raider EX’s are nice, they are good cause you can adjust the gap a bit using the different spacers. I prefer modded raiders myself, but if you are looking for something good right out of the box, raiders EX’s are awesome.

Sunsets are good too!


NXGS for me, i like to silicone them, at first they will not sleep, so they snap right back to your hand as you loop so it can be easier to learn, usually the response will break in quite fast so it doesn’t last that long

proyos with some vaseline intensive-care lip therapy on the axles is a great cure for ‘stalled loops’. granted thin gap + thick lube + looping stickers will do the same for speedles.