Been out of the loop for about 5 years, need some recommendation yoyos

I haven’t been into throwing since maybe middle school and I’m trying to get back into now that I’m in college. Would like any recommendations for full metal yoyo’s for the price range of 40-100 dollars. I remember my favorites were one drop, yoyo factory, and clyw(which are probably too pricy right now), so if anyone has suggestions let me know!


Welcome to the forums! I hope you don’t mind I reclassified this as Looking for Help/Recommendation (mostly because I can, and I’ve been waiting for an actual useful application of the subject editing feature).


If your into slightly undersized yoyo’s, I recommend the yotricks ethos. It’s great as an EDC do to it’s size but its not so small that tricks are hard to hit. Grinds great, fingerspins easily, and is surprisingly silent for a bimetal.

If you want just a straight metal yoyo, I like the Kayak by CLYW. I think I recently saw one on the bst thread so you can get one on the cheap.

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I have a Fool’s Gold Black Bip Bop Kodiak for sale. Hardly thrown, smooth as heck, bimetal, well under 100.

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