Beefhook rejection to GT

Hey guys. Had a lot of love for this trick that I put up on Reddit/insta yesterday.

I was asked to make a breakdown of it, so Here is a slomo break down. Hope you guys enjoy! Leave me a follow or subscribe if you like what you see!


You make this crazy hard trick look sooo easy!!!


Thanks man! It took me a long time to get down


Such a nice combo! Thanks for the breakdown. I’ve been working on beefhook for weeks and I still only get it 1/50 tries. It’s so good in a combo like that.


My heart says “Awesome!! Give it a shot!”

My brain says “Give up while you’re ahead. Keep your sanity man!!”


This was a really cool short trick!! Nice work on the beefhooks


Thanks guys! Beefhook is tough but once you get it you get it. YouTube dumshot and learn that first to get used to the string going around your hand in that fashion. Beefhook is the same thing but without pushing your finger into the strings

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This is definitely true. I found the first few beefhooks came by accident, then as I tried over and over I started noticing how everything was working. Then once I adjusted a few things it started coming easier and easier. When it finally clicked I landed about 40 of them in one night because I was so stoked on finally getting it.

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That’s how I got it to click haha

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makes sense haha. Did you find that pointing your NTH pointer slightly to the left helped keep the loop open? That seems to be the case for me. I’m working on nailing the rejection next.

Not sure! Good luck…

Speaking of rejection, heres another variation of it. Same thing, but loop goes around the yoyo instead of in the gap.

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You know I keep trying the rejection and I just can’t seem to make the string reject with enough momentum to bring it around my other finger.