Beefcake Side Effects?




So do you guys agree with me that this would be awesome? Think about it. Take the most popular 1 or 2 side effects and shrink the bearing seats. And Ten Ball A bearings.


I think this would be an awesome way to explore Beefcake yoyos for someone like me who really wants to try it.


What you want to push the the stacks outside the rim?


Please explain…


Wouldn’t you need another… “attachment”…? in the middle between the two bearings?

Also: SEs specifically work only with C-sized bearings.


You’d need to make the outer ring of the bearing seat smaller too, so that the string doesn’t fall off the edge of the bearing.

Really, beef caking doesn’t do anything for yoyos. You can just use a string centering bearing and shims. it would probably play better.


I think I misunderstood something.

Beefcaking is not a function of the side effects and/or axle, it has to do with the bearing seat area. It COULD be done, but it would require whole new side effects and the bearing seats much deeping in the rims, like the Werrd TFL and 4XL for example.


I get what you guys are trying to say now. I still think it is possible. And pretty awesome of an idea… Lol


It’s totally possible, it just needs to have the rims and the SE"s designed with this in mind.

I would think the SE’s would need to be a bit longer, because the yoyo will need to have a bit more heft in the very middle because you need to cut out more for the bearing seat so the beefcake isn’t going to be too wide.