are werrds good?

I was wondering if any of you have tried a werrd and what did you think?
I heard somewhere that the beefcake can destroy a bearing seat. is this true?

Beefcake a Werrd?
I don’t know about that. But they are great players.

I’ve never heard that the beefcake destroys the bearing seat. And I see absolutely no reason why it should.

A lot of people that own Werrds like them. But the amount of people buying them isn’t too high in comparison to other brands and yoyos. I have never really heard people saying a lot of negative stuff about them and to me, it sounds like they are a bit underrated. It shouldn’t hurt to give one a try.

Addment: Beefcakes are pretty cool.

Werrd yoyos are awesome. Very good indeed. The beefcaking will absolutely not destroy the bearing seat, Werrd yoyos were designed with beefcaking in mind.

Good to us and you is preference, we can’t exactly answer GOOD for you, but ask yourself.

Beefcaking by no means would destroy a bearing seat, no. Andre talks about it in one of his videos under the maintenance section.

Or personal message him. :slight_smile:

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okay, I have seen the specs of werrds and they really fit my preferences.
I may get one sometime when I get money.

I’m sorry but I keep on forgeting what a beefcake is, can someone tell me?

Adding 2 bearings in one yo-yo.

Don’t even ask a silly question like that. Of course it’s good, otherwise they wouldn’t make them. (But they still make Imperials :slight_smile: :smiley: ???) And, it’s all preference.