Bedroom Session #1

This is officially my first good video. Watch in 720p HD, and while your at it like it, subscribe, and leave me some feedback. Thank you that’s all. Expect a new video December!


I didn’t know how awesome you are at throwing return tops!

That was top-notch, mang. Heaps of tricks there I wish I could do, and executed really smoothly for the most part.

Nicely done!

Coming from an awesome forum eXpert as yourself, it means a lot! thanks! I waished I had remembered to smile though :stuck_out_tongue:

Really great tricks man. You have some branches of style I don’t. Editing wise, generally transitions don’t work with these types of videos. Not even fades between clips like you did here. Fading in and out at the beginning and end is really the only ‘Effect transition’ you need. One other thing, I’d recommend not filming with stuff in the background. I’m not sure if it was your bed or your parent’s, but it was distracting. Try to find something like a brick wall, a public garden or park with nice grass, the middle of a forest, you get the idea. The last tip I have is to try some different angles. Watching just the front angle can get very dull. Oh I lied, I have one more thing you could try… Film some of the same tricks but with different backgrounds. Then edit the clips together so that the trick still looks like one, flowing trick, but the backgrounds change. But for your first video, this is really good. Keep it up!

It isn’t my first video, just my first good one. When I get a better editing program I will do all sorts of things, but I did it with iMovie the mobile version. I named it Bedroom Sessions because its filmed in my bedroom lol :P. thanks for the feedback though, when I get a good camera I’ll make something awesome.

Dang, dude, you’ve got some slick moves!

Thanks man!

Oh wow I’m tired. I read ‘Boredom Session’ haha

I was all kinds impressed with this video!! You better bring that to the battle royale next year!!

That was pretty dang awesome :smiley:

Lol, I was wondering why’d you be surprised as a bed for the background :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try harder next year for it! Lets just hope I don’t go up against someone as hard as you for the first round :wink:

Thanks man!

Nice vid ! Watched it like 3 times :slight_smile: also good to see you branching out and throwing stuff other than YYJ.

I do it all for you guys.

Try filming your next one on a real camera instead of the iPod! It will make your video 100 times more awesome than it already is :slight_smile:

Keep up the solid work!

I’ll do something amazing when I get a good camera! I promise!

Trying to get 300 views! Help a thrower out!

Bump :slight_smile: want more feedback.

that is amazing. i have no words