Beat the Box- A Yoyo Short

This is my newest video. All original music. It’s great. I don’t care if that’s vain. I’m proud of it!  ;D

Feed back please!

not bad

Nice music. :smiley:
Ryan on fire is pretty tight.

wow Joe. just wow.
you should do more original music. also, you’ve gotten great at yoyoing.

Nice Video, music gave it a good affect :smiley: :wink: ;D

I love your music, and the X-Convict! (New, right?) I could never arrange something like that. (The music)

I see a Hylian shield.

It’s my favorite! ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice beat boxing! I do it too. I would own you!

I have no doubt. :stuck_out_tongue: I suck at beat boxing. I just thought it would be fun in a video. :wink: