Breeze by raytsh

Since I haven’t post it here yet.  ;D Enjoy!

That video is great! Nice editing and effects, and the yoyoing! I can see you spent a long time working on that video. That video was made in June 2009 though, lol. It’s over a year old.

Absolutely fantastic video. 9:05 of pure enjoyment on my side. Fantastic music, fantastic editing, and fantastic playing from all of you(WOOWOO ALL ABOARD THE IDIOT TRAIN). Easily takes the title of my favorite video. Keep making videos of this caliber, or else.

What do you mean with “all of you”? Its just me. :slight_smile:

That was beautiful! What you have created is not just a great yo yo performance, but a great piece of art as well. At the end of most good yo yo videos I will say, “That was cool,” but yours provoked the words, “That was beautiful!” I think that’s something special. Great video, man.

I agree completely. There was something completely different with this video. It was really, just, beautiful. When watching it I felt so peaceful and out of body - like a dream. Great video.

Hahaha I’m so dumb. Most “passing yoyo” scenes I see are between multiple people. That was just my mind subconsciously putting two and two together :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll just be on my silly way.

sneaks away before people notice I’m stupid

Thank you for your kind comments guys! :slight_smile: