So I have a just got a code 2 and the bearing immediately went all loud and responsive so I put some lube on it. After playing with it for hours it is still responsive but nearly silent. Should I clean it then try again?

When bearings are near silent, it may mean the bearing is not rotating at all and it’s just spinning similar to a fixed axle. You may just want to clean your bearing, there may be a hair caught in is of something

A lubed bearing will play silent and responsive.

shakazulu94 does not have the good information. jhb82347902 has the goods.

If there’s a lot of lube it will take a LONG time to break in. If you are patient, you will be rewarded. If you are not patient, you can clean and start again. I am not a very patient man sometimes, so I know what my choice would be (and has been in the past when this happened to me).