Bearings... suck?

I just recently got my Hatrick replaced on Tuesday by Ernie, I think I shot the bearing a few minutes ago… I was yoyoing and all the sudden it got real loud and I took it apart I sounded like the balls were rattling and it was very slow and responsive. So I lube it a little with YYJ Thin and the sound sort of goes away but still responsive so I clean it then put a little bit of lube in and it’s responsive so I try and play it in and BAM the sound is back and it is super responsive.

Did you ding your yoyo on anything hard?
Since you just got it I’d send ernie a message about it. He’s such a great guy that he will probably send you another bearing.

Lol it is still mint and he gave me a spare when I got it replaced, I don’t need a new bearing it was just kind of weird

Clean it again, and this time, put a larger drop of thin lube in the bearing. It may be responsive, but you’ll just have to break it in again.
Whenever my AIGR bearings get too loud, I just thin lube them again. They don’t play too well dry, so be sure to lube them regularly.

I noticed that a while back thats why I bought my lube. Im using the replacement but I’ll clean it and lube it and break it in.