So… four things.
1)What’s the best bearing out there/size?
2)Is the best string Poly?
3)What’s the best yo yo you’ve seen out there?
4)I just like telling my mom these things and knowing them :stuck_out_tongue:

Size C.
Best string…Big Yoyo String.
Favorite yoyo…OD Cascade

Best bearing- kk ©
Best string- kitty
Best throw- avalanche.

Everyone’s answer is going to be different. This is not 2006 anymore, we have lots of options

Terrapin X size c
Big Yoyo String Type 3 or Candy String

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1)C size
2)I actually advise getting Grand Rapid Yoyo String Co. Powercord(t)s
3)General Yo KLR or Majesty without a doubt
4)Thats very interesting fool.

Size C konkave

Bearing - 10ball Konkave
String - YYSL type x or Grand rapid string Powercord T (Cannot decide between these two)
Yoyo - GSquared Albatross, fits everything I do and looks good to boot.

  1. I am a massive fan of trifecta and how they make cascades play
  2. Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. Powercord series :slight_smile:
  3. I’ve been throwing the cascade exclusively for around two months now. It’s not for everyone, but it’s an amazing yoyo.
  1. just any old 8 ball flat bearing is the best.
  2. I like regular YYE poly the best.
  3. SPYY orbitron 5000. wish i owned one…

1 no such thing
2 no such thing
3 no such thing
4 ?
Anybody who says anything other then this is blowing smoke up your keester…

Or, they correctly interpreted the word “best” as “your favourite”. People are allowed to have favourites.

I suspect you and I are of the same opinion, though: even interpreting it as “your favourite” I just don’t have anything I’d put on the line as my absolute top favourite. I have all kinds of different bearings in all kinds of yoyos, most of which are using different strings.

Maybe one day I’ll narrow it down to a favourite bearing/throw/string combination. But today’s not that day.

… So… someone told me to have a C sized bearing for Classic Yo-yo… What bearing do you suggest?

You could do that. Or:

  • Yye, yyj, or yyf bearing. Cheap and will work fine
  • Get yourself the new bearing and save old one for the classic
  • Monkeyfinger Design Rhino tool, which includes a bonus bearing!