Bearings keep freezing up!


Hey guys my bearings keep freezing up and stop spinning. Anyway to make it work?


Clean them. If cleaning the doesn’t help, there may be galling or other damage on the inside and you might be due for replacements.

But more likely… they need cleaning.


Clean them out and see what’s going on.

Is this happening with ALL your bearings? If so, the issue is usually a “operator issue”.


Are you putting anything in your bearing?


No but I think it got magnetized or too dirty?


But usually my NEW bearings freeze up


This happens with every single center trac, new or used, it will always lock up. Super frustrating cuz i love CTs

(rizkiyoist) #8

It’s probably rusted in the inside. Try paper cleaning method.


Why do you think it’s getting magnetized? What is your work environment? I mean, there has to be a reason for it getting magnetized, it won’t do this on its own.

Too dirty? What is the condition of the environments you play in? I’m inside, outside, humid, arid, filtered, dusty, dirty, hair clippings(barber college) and I’m not having issues.

I’m trying to figure out what you could be doing to cause this. It’s not making sense.

You’re not lubing. Well, that helps a bit.

Clean the bearings out really good, including use the paper slip method. Then clean again. Then report back. SOMETHING has to be going on that we’re not being told. I’ve yet to have a bearing lock up on me. I’ve had unacceptable bearings and bearings that need cleaning immediately, but never any lock-ups.


sometimes a magnet would touch the yoyo ( i had a magnet in my pocket and forgot to take it out when i put my yoyo in my pocket) maybe it gets magnetized??? sometimes they just lock up after i throw it (im looking at you, YYF SPEC BEARING)
??? ??? ???