bearing treatment testing (need tester)

Well I found a way to clean/treat bearings and want to hear others review need 10 testers send me a bearing that you want cleaned or is bad first come first serve I guess.

I’d like a bit more information. I actually have a batch of “bad” bearings that I’m intending to do extra work on to see if they can be brought back. These bearings have been cleaned in mineral spirits, acetone and even been soda blasted. They won’t meet my minimum standards for spinning on a flick. I even have an A-bearing in that batch. They are de-shielded and ready to go.

Well I will do my best. I wanted to test if it can really alter “bad” bearing, I only have bearing that may have grit in them that won’t come out and test were successful. As for how"bad" your bearing is just remeber this is a test the only thing I can guaranty is when I ship your bearing back at worst it will be unchanged at best it will be at “my opinion” optimal spin and play. Its free you just have to ship that is all,and if I get less than ten bearings it will be shipped back within 3 days of my receiving it.

Sounds decent I think there’s like 5 bearings in that baggie. In know for sure it’s less than 10.

However, if I go for this, you’d need to hang onto the bearings for a bit, as I am heading out of country for 2 weeks(maybe not, I’ve got a health issues at the moment). I’d be willing to give these a shot at this. Otherwise, I have them scheduled for a different process once I get back.

Well I will pm you my adress and will pm updates on the process and when do you want meto ship back.