bearing tip corkscrew

Looking for some advice. I can do the corkscrew pretty easily with my Bearing King. My Trompo Grande seems to hit my arm on the way down. Not sure if it’s due to the increased diameter or stability/tilt differences.

Keeping the wrap looser seems to help at times, but it can still be a narrow margin of error. Is there a good technique for loosening it? Any other ideas for technique?

It’s harder to use for most people than the BK. I have seen people (one person anyways) do thirteen wraps with a Strummol8 Giulia, but I find it easier to do with a BK or a STB. The only thing I can imagine might help is to be very aware of the precession and be sure to launch into the spiral when it is starting to tilt out.
It does take a lot of practice though. I still mess up parts of that trick all the time.

if it is hitting your arm then you are not pputting enough force on the top to keep it away from your arm. my guess is because it is a little bigger you are being a little more timid, and the top is not being forced outward in a spiral