Can not get cap off of Bering King


My new Bering king came in today and I can not get the cap off for the life of me. I looked up a video and it shows that the cap spins counter-clockwise with the tip pointing down. i have tried putting a wide flat piece of metal in the slot in the cap and twisting and It will not budge. Does anyone on here have any ideas?



Hmm… I think you have the right idea about the twisting direction; you might just have to twist it hard. If I recall correctly, I think it clicks into place, so you don’t have turn very far to get it off. You removed the tape of course, right?


You can get a good view of how the cap comes on and off if you look at the videos included in the sticky at the top of this forum (Getting Started With Spin Tops).
There isn’t really any great reason to open it until you have a problem or get good enough to worry about trying to balance it. It is more important to tape it and get your throw down. After your top takes a few hard hits, the cap will probably loosen up anyways.
If you are determined to get into it, try using something that will give you a better grip on the cap, like something you use for opening stubborn jar lids. Also, push down a little as you turn the cap counter clockwise.
Check out the sticky, it is one of the best resources that exists for getting started with a Bearing King.


There was no tape. And I finally got it off. I kept playing with it and after a hard drop it seemed to loosen up the cap. I now have it taped on in the loose position.

Thank you for your suggestion.


One of those rubber circular pads for opening jar lids in the kitchen is great for twisting stubborn caps off.


Sorry for the late reply, but if you find a piece of PVC pipe that is close to the size of the crown and use like 8 really tight wraps of electrical tape to bond the pipe and cap together the added torque will free that sucker. Just add a drop of bearing lube on the two locking tabs and you will be able to twist it on and off like it is supposed to.


Don’t be so hard on yourself Neff, the original post is only a little over two years old and the op never posted again anyways… another case of Duncan crushing the spirit of a potential spinner!
He probably got the top off and was disappointed to find there was no toy surprise inside.