Just started throwing Spin Tops. Video inside.

So yeah, I just started throwing spin tops on Saturday, so this would go as my Day 4 video. Still finding it tough, but how am I doing so far? It’s ok to laugh :smiley:

Good stuff. It took me over a month to learn how to throw it properly.

Only Day 4 and you can already boomerang and seem to be very comfortable with a top in your hands.

If you play with tops - you will drop tops.
Even the best players and champions drop tops.
It’s a part of the sport.

You are really doing good!
Thanks for posting your video.

here’s a day 7 video

I’m still working on crystal staircase, but I’ll get it soon I think :smiley:

Good job with the Crazy 8, lots of beginners have problems with that trick. I assume the trick at the end is what you are calling Crystal Staircase? I’ve never heard it called anything before other than Corkscrew. Where did you get the name Crystal Staircase? Just curious. Oh, and keep it up!

sweet… after watching Thatyoyoguy with a spin top … i am thinking of getting one …

what you using btw?

Well, everyone here who uses spin tops calls it that, so I just kind of jumped on board. It just didn’t seem right to me.

Just a simple Bearing King with the bearing set up.

What state are you in? Again just curious. I see a Packers shirt, are you in Wisconsin?

Im not him but since I know I might as well tell you. He lives in Alaska

He’s right. I’m part of the small spin top group here in Alaska. I know of 3 others who spin top like this, and they got me into it. We also have 2 others who are just beginning as well.

That’s really cool.

@Sniffyo on twitter

Can you guys help me? I have a Bearing King. it works fine, but when I throw it, it spins sideways instead of the tip facing down. I crown wrap it and put the end knot right under the part where it opens up. Can you give me advice? Thanks!

It’s at least landing on or near the tip? I find throwing more SIDEWAYS and less DOWN helps me out.

But it also sounds like you’re not wrapping it right. You do a loop around the top part, or take the string through the grove, then take it down to the tip, with the top in your left hand(assuming you’re right handed), with the tip pointed to your right, wrap up and away so the string comes from the BOTTOM towards you and the up and over ad away from you. I think if you were to stare at it head on while wrapping, this would be clockwise. I should go wrap mine and then show you.

My throw still needs a lot of work. I’m working up to my Strummol8 Sophia!

Thanks! And yeah, I’m right handed . .

The problem is most likely not your throw at all. Are you using the string that came with it? Because they are usually way, way too short. I really wish Duncan would fix this because it might make more non-top spinners than top spinners. Anyways, the string should be at least 5’ long (60 inches). I prefer 64" and other players like it even longer. You can order string from Spintastics (it’s really good string) or go to the hardware store and try to find something similar in thickness. Stick with cotton.