spin tops

Can someone post a vid how spin tops work

you might want to put it in the nrelated section
if your talking about tricks here are basic tricks

Think you can use vimeo or something else my youtube won’t run on my laptop for some reason.

heres a different one

topping from John Hornbeck on Vimeo.

p.s click on the first red link its fullscreen

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Tkanks,your awsome

no problem im here to help

I got one but all I can do is throw it. I can ALMOST do skyrocket but it’s always spinning too slow. When I try boomerang, I can get it to come back to my hand but it’s spinning sideways to I can’t catch it. Any tips people?

your catching problem is when you pull the string maybe you pull it to hard or to soft or you pull it sideways my tip would be to first practice throwing the top so it can spin on the ground but try to get it to land as straight as possible then just try doing that on your hand

Any tips for Skyrocket?

what top is it?

1:when the top is on the ground you have to loop with throwhand counterclockwise then the nonthrowhand clockwise
2:if the top isnt grabbing the string try doing step one 2 times or 3 if you have to
3:you have to pull straight up then curve your throwhand to the right if yor righty or left if your lefty
4: catch top on your hand

witch top should i git.

since i dont know how to post a link go to yoyostore(dot)com
click on spin tops if your a begginer try duncan spin top if you know a little bit of playing a ripcord, bearing king, or one of the wood ones they have there

dude you gotta bring it next time you go to club ive wanted to try one for a long time

The one I got is just a wooden one with no bearing. The tip is plastic. It’s pretty cool, I’m thinking about getting a bearing one.

bearing king is one of the best

But the Bearing King is no longer produced, does anybody know of any online stores with them in stock?

You will not find one they have been out of production for a while and i don’t know if they will ever be made again. On a lighter note, a Rip Cord is the same thing with out the bearings in the tip. If you buy a Bearing King tip replacement kit seen here.
After you get that you will take apart your top and look down inside and see a round grove where you can drive a bearing into( this takes time do not just carelessly drive it in it will crack your top and you will cry  :’(, also you willl need a duncan shim or spacer from a duncan yo-yo to put on the bearing as you drive it in to the top). After doing that you can insert the bearing tip from the kit in and add the weight ring and there you go a Bearing King Ripcord. Maby I should make a tutorial for it. Any way if you have any questions Pm me and I’ll try to help.

that was cool i never really knew how they worked either