Bearing stuck in megatron

Hey all! I got a megatron recently and want to put a ceramic bearing in it, and the original bearing is completely stuck in there. I can’t make it budge. I have the YYF multi tool and am trying to use that, in circles mainly. Any tips or ideas?

What bearing is it? I’m finding that CenterTracs seem to be a bit tight to the seat, SOMETIMES.

1: Do what you’re doing. Place yoyo with the stuck half in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Try again with the bearing puller. Or, you can also use the appropriate type of line pliers after the same wait period. Either way, be careful.

2: Keep trying. Sometimes it’s hard to get the bearings off. Try wiggling in a straight line, then adjust to a different angle and repeat. It does take time.

3: Get a better bearing puller. Seriously. Something longer gives better leverage, but you have to still be careful. The X3 one is pretty nice. It grips the bearing’s inner race better. Some people recommend 1/4" drill bits, which WILL work. Keep in mind drill bits are not designed for this purpose and can break. They are designed to be string up and down, not in sideways motions.

4: Worse case, you can just make efforts to destroy the bearing to remove it. I highly recommend against this mindset and option. It is sometimes necessary. I had to do this on my kid’s G-Funk.

The YYF multi-tool doesn’t always work that good for really stuck bearings. Ideally though, I feel nobody should have to use something “better” than the YYF mult-tool.

Whatever you do, just be patient.

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