Bearing stuck on Multi-Tool

I tried getting the bearing out of my G-Funk, but now the bearing is EXTREMELY stuck on my multi tool. Any thoughts on how to get it out?

I would try the freezer trick.

Tried that twice :stuck_out_tongue:

You may need to use pliers.

This literally happened to me a couple weeks ago with a center trac x bearing. I couldnt pull it off no matter how hard I tried. So I went out to my local pharmacy and picked up some pliers. It came off super easily with them.

Just use something to knock it off the tool. Like a screw driver handle or anything that you can tap it kinda hard.

I would grasp in between the tool and the bearing and pull. Be careful it does fire off and hurt someone or get lost.

I never have this problem with the YYF Multi-tool as it seems a touch “undersized” for C-bearings. In my opinion, this is fine since you don’t want the bearing sticking to the puller. However, my X3 puller does this. My opinion is that despite the YYF multi-tool’s bearing puller being a little small, honestly, we shouldn’t need anything better for pulling bearings. A bearing that’s just “more than finger-pull tight” to remove is fine with me. Anything “grip of death” is just too tight.

I find placing the bearing back into the yoyo often lets me get the puller back out by using a similar method as I did to get the bearing out: Wiggle. Once free, don’t go “so deep” with the tool next time. I’m not sure what metal the YYF’s bearing puller is, but I think the advice of using the freezer wouldn’t hurt. If anything, the worse case situation is it won’t make things worse or better, it just won’t change.

The freezer, combined with pliers would be the best way to go. Whatever you do, be patient. It could take a quite a bit of effort. Smaller efforts spread out over a longer period of time would be the best way.

This has happen to me a couple times before. Usually I just give it to my dad and five minutes later it is off, LOL. In other words, I don’t have any tips other than to give it to somebody with stronger, bigger hands than you, LOL.

I must say though. This happened with my Surge bearing one time. I took it off and it stuck. I eventually got it off myself after about 5 minutes. Just work it.