Bearing reviews =D

I noticed there arent any bearing reviews out there so I decided that is should do one :D. I will be reviewing the Onedrop 10 ball bearing, Dif-e-Yo Konkave bearing, and the General-yo AIGR (Aircraft Instrument Gyro Rated) Bearing.

10 Ball Bearing

This is personally my favorite bearing out of all the ones I tried. This bearing has 10 balls inside of it when most bearings have 8. It comes responsive out of the box…well…ziplock bag, and can take a while to break in. It takes 1-4 weeks to fully break in but it is WELL worth it. Its is quite possibly the quitest bearing I have ever played and also the smoothest. It has long spin times from just a flick and most bearings would be loud if it had that long of a spin time but the 10 ball remains quiet. I realize that like most bearings including the 10 ball, even a needle drop of lube will slow it down quite a bit. Say my 10 ball spun for 30 seconds on a flick, after a needle drop of thin lube and a couple spins it only spins for at the most 5 seconds. Overall my favorite bearing and its pretty cheap, only $8.

Konkave Bearing

This is another quite unique bearing because as the name implies it is concave so the bearing is caved in a little enabling the string to sit always on the middle thus producing more spin time. Of course a good throw with any bearing will give you that amount of spin time too. Like a lot of people say you shouldn’t rely on a konkave or think you HAVE to have it for a straight throw. I like this bearing but it is loud when broken in like some other bearings other then the 10 ball and AIGR. It breaks in faster then a 10 ball but I cant remember how long it exactly took since I got it when I was new to yoyoing but I remember it took less then a month. They also have these ceramic konkave bearings, they look the same as a regular steel konkave but the balls inside are ceramic so it is a lot smoother, quieter, and give more spin times. I personally think the CKK is very expensive…$30…I think you could just be better of with another yoyo and stick with the stock bearing then get a CKK, its extremely expensive for a bearing and not extremely neccesary. The steel KK costs $15 so if you want to try out a konkave bearing then go ahead, I did but after a couple of months I was better of a with a stock bearing because I had a straight throw and did not need a konkave.

AIGR Bearing

I got this bearing because I broke the 10 ball for my M1 and when I bought my Project 2 I decided I might as well get another bearing for my M1. This is very closed matched between my 10 ball for favorite. This bearing like my 10 ball came super quiet and I had to put the yoyo up my ear to hear it spinning. It is very much like my 10 ball, quiet, smooth, and cheap ($8.50). It breaks in once again, faster than my 10 ball but after breaking it in it was a little louder than my 10 ball, not louder then a KK, just a little louder then when it was stock. What I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about my AIGR bearing is that after lubing it goes quiet BUT still has long spin times just like it was broken in. The first time I lubed it I didnt throw it in my yoyo to spread out the lube and I thought it wasnt lubed enough so I spammed it with lube :-[ After a day it was like a looper :stuck_out_tongue: (my yoyo). So I had to clean it and throw it for a week again to get those sleep times back. The longest sleeper I got with the AIGR on my Project 2 was 4 minutes and 26 seconds. My personal record ;D. I have to say it is a complete coin toss between this and the 10 ball.

That wraps it up for another review-kinda-thing :D. I hope to get my G-string PX and Regular soon so I will be reviewing that! I also will be gone the 20th to the 22nd because I’m visiting my Aunt, Grandpa, Great-grandpa, and a friend at Vancouver CA. I know you guys will miss me but I will be back soon enough!

Very good bearing review! :wink:

Best I’ve seen yet. :slight_smile:

Thank you for not using the Forum Rating System! Finally!

But, what about the YoYoJam, or SPEC?

You know I was planning to do the YYJ but I got it when I started and all I cared about was sleep time and didnt know a thing about cleaning bearings or that a bearing had balls inside of it :stuck_out_tongue: I have yet to try a SPEC.