Bearing question.

Andre say that cleaning with Lighter fluid or Mineral spirits is not highly recommended, It can make the bearings life shorter.


-Don’t clean bearings with mineral spirits and lighter fluid? let bearings break in? am i right?
-How you’ll know that the bearing is “Dead”, I hear & read this word, Is it true?

And another one…

Is this kind of hitman will be out in the YYN if sold out, I mean it will be not re-stock again?

Cleaning a bearing might make its life shorter, but bearings need to be cleaned sometimes. If you run a bearing dry it will probably die sooner. So it’s play, clean, lube, play. I don’t clean my bearings that often. You know that a bearing is dead when it plays horribly and nothing can fix it.

And to me that looks like a regular Hybrid Hitman. You can get those here: Just remember to buy the hybrid version if that’s what you want.

Pheenix pretty much covered the first question.

As for your second question, the Hybrid Hitman is in constant production and will be restocked.