What does Andre Really mean?


He said “Lighter fluid or Mineral spirits is not highly recommended”

So what will you use that is “Highly recommended?”

No no no, he just says that cleaning the bearing is not highly recommended. Some paint thinners and lighter fluids leave stains on the bearing, so it will be sticky after your completely dry them, which is not good for your yoyo.

Sometimes if you forget to completely dry the bearing, the leftover liquid in the bearing can melt the plastic of the yoyo.

Sometimes, you drop the bottle of the stuff and you burn down your house.

Thats why he doesn’t recommend it i believe.

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Actually i think he means that it can shorten the bearing life which is true but if you dry your bearing until it is very dry and put lube i dont think it will affect the bearing…

In the video, Andre is essentially saying that cleaning your bearings is a bad idea. I agree with this.

What he does recommend, however, is just breaking in your bearings and lubing them with Thin Lube. Personally, I agree that it is the best course of action when it comes to bearing maintenance, because it increases the bearing’s life and (In My Opinion) plays better.

Of course, whatever you choose to do with the bearing is up to you. Think carefully about what you do before you do it.

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i disagree. i did an experiment. for three months i played with two yoyos the exact same amount of time and once a month cleanded the bearing of one and the other i didnt. the result was the cleaned bearing had a longer spin time and played alot smoother than the none cleanded one. thats just my little bit too say

Did you test for the life of the bearing? Andre is saying that it will shorten the bearings life, and make it die faster.

no i just did the spin time and play

Yeah i think andre was talking about the bearing life, not the play.

he ment the he dosnet reccomend using mineral spirits when u clean

I’ve got bearings that I’ve cleaned for years and years with no ill effect. As long as there is lube applied after the cleaning and drying process then the bearing will last almost forever.

Pretty much forever. I don’t find anything wrong with cleaning the bearing, unless you lube it.

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