Bearing Preference


Ok put your acetone down, I know how to maintain my bearing. I just wanted to ask what bearings do you typically use in your throws. I was alternating between my 10 ball and my CT on my Super G, and i cant decide which one i like better. As of now, im gonna switch the 10 ball to my Classic to make it less noisy and my CT onto my Super G to make it more noisy (I missed the hiss my Super G makes when it spins; it gives me satisfaction)

(Owen) #2

If it aint broken, I use it in my throws.


I like CTs in my metals and 10 balls or speed bearings in my plastics.


I prefer flat bearings. Whether it’s 10 ball or not I just put the bearings that make the least amount of noise in my favorite throws since I carry those with me the most


The quietness gets me sometimes. It makes me feel like I’m losing spin even though I’m not.


Buddha Co. Bearings… 'nuff said.


DUDE I HATE THAT… Anyways I like konkaves, i get the best sleep times out of it… I prefer speed bearings on most of my plastics though…


I prefer radial bearings.


Well, I like a flat 10 ball bearing off any kind in my Classic. In anything else that’s not plastic I liked a CT or Konkave bearing until two days ago. Two days ago I got a Terrapin X Wing ceramic bearing. I got it from the BST and it was old so it only has 8 balls, but it spins smoother and more powerfully than any other bearing I have, and the only bearing I don’t have is a ceramic KK. I really like the wing cut Terrapins, and if I get the money to do it they will be the only “curved” bearing I will use. They aren’t curved at all, but the dip helps so much. I can’t wait to get a 10 ball ceramic. If anybody has any of those for sell at a good price hit me up.


I really like the twisted trifecta’s, 10 ball concaved and grooved. Super quiet and smooth spinning. Have em in my CODE’s. The one drop 10 balls are nice too. I like quieter bearings personally.

(major_seventh) #11

I like flats, especially AIGR’s, although I heard that the quality of them was dropping :frowning:


Ernie will never use a product that is not top notch.