Bearing making strange rattling noise even after heavy maintenance

At some point I was in the workshop of my arts and crafts teacher (I’m 14) and put my yoyo down near fine sawdust from sandpaper and such (dumb of me I know). It’s string was fully wound but after this it started to make a worrying rattling noise, it’s either dead silent or rattles like crazy, changing periodically while spinning somehow. I’ve cleaned it 2 times with zippo fluid and lubed it but it won’t stop (clip is after all this).
Anyone know what this is and how to fix it, I’m quite worried.

Clip of the bearing noise:


Just clean it and don’t put lube in . Bearings will get loud off and on while working through the lube. Lube is very tricky to get right.

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Yea I second THIS , I LITERALLY have a diabetic syringe I use to lube my bearings ,IF I decide to use it (with louder :bear: ings) and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the teeny tiny amount I use, it’s legit LESS than what can gather on the end of a pin head without dripping off (after a good cleaning)

One thing I found made my bearing maintenance a lot more “flawless” and “Streamlined” is getting a can of Compressed Air (from any hardware store for 15$) and use that to “break in” the lube faster and in turn any particulates that may be in there get forced out by air .
also make sure your leaving it soak in the lighter fluid for at least 10 min , overnight wouldn’t hurt either lol

Oh yea and I use my lighter to dry the lighter fluid (I’m VERY impatient lol ) Only a quick flick to burn off any fluid ,which also helps burn away any hair that may have got in it or say sawdust lol AND a spinning-flaming bearing looks pretty awesome too :joy:
It literally takes me 10-15min to FULLY clean a :bear: ing , and have it be COMPLETELY unresponsive and as silent as the particular bearing COULD get (some are just louder :bear: ings :man_shrugging:t5:)

If I get time this morning I’ll DM you a video of my “process“


Welcome to the forums! I hope you get this problem figured out.


For loud bearings, just keep blasting air into them until they clear out.

For a more eco solution than canned compressed air, you can use one of those bulb air blowers made for cleaning dust from camera parts.

I used to use solvent to clean bearings but found it to be more trouble than it’s worth. Now I just blast with air + literally just a touch of thin lube applied with a pin.

Some bearings just stay loud, though.

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I hope you will get your bearing fixed but whatever you do please don’t try to light your bearings on fire to burn the dirt out. You’re 14 years old and telling someone at that age to experiment with highly flammable liquids like this is really dangerous. If your parents are cool you can ask them to help you but otherwise please don’t do it.


Does the bearing have shields on the sides? If so I’d try removing them. Good luck.


They have 14 year old grade 9 students in Welding classes using things like arc welders & acetylene torches(like ME lol) , so I assumed ALL 14 year olds know how to safely handle a lighter around things that pose any such risk , but IF he is old enough to use lighter fluid to clean , than I assume he knows the risks that come with using it :man_shrugging:t5:

It’s not too far off to also assume he is also in welding class too, as he’s obviously familiar with the woodworking shop in his school, and in my school it’s offered as a 3 in 1 , you get to learn Woodworking, Mechanics and Welding.

That’s a lot of assuming. And the kids in those welding classes work with these tools under the supervision of adults and I told him that if he decides to burn his bearings to do it under supervision too. Don’t let children alone with fire.

Supervision of ADULTS :rofl::rofl::rofl: BARELY !!! :joy::joy::joy: THATs why the 90% of kids that come outta those classes BEST creation is a wood pipe ,welded bong OR some sort of weapon :joy:

1 teacher in a class of 20 students is HARDLY supervision :joy:

that’s whack

Hey there - back on topic…

So I’ve had issues with good bearings going squeaky and I’ve narrowed it down to 1 of 2 things:

  1. Bearing maintenance - some of the newer bearings I have (premium NSK bearings, OD 10-ball) need quite a bit of breaking in (in my experience). I’ve played them for hours, and then the began screeching super loud and started playing responsively. If cleaning them didn’t work, I had to put them through a lot of gyroscopic flops to get them to “break in” (a lot = hours, you gotta be patient and play through it). I haven’t tallied the hours spent, but after doing this a lot, they seem to stabilize themselves, stop screeching and play unresponsive again.
  2. If the above doesn’t work and you’ve cleaned an lube-ed, then I think you may need to replace your bearing.

I don’t know that this is a 100% solution, but it might help you out. I’m open to hearing everyone else’s thoughts on this as well as I’m in no way an expert at this, and this is just what I’ve learned from experience, scouring forums and talking to YYE customer service experts.

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It sounds like something got in there. Are you agitating it when you have it in the lighter fluid? Shaking it up while submerged should help get it out. If that isn’t working, blowing it out with compressed air should be able to get it. There’s also the paper cleaning method where you cut a little triangle off the corner of a piece of paper, fold it in half, then stick it through the bearing and rotate it to wipe any gunk out. Those are all the ways I know to deal with a stubborn bearing. Good luck and let us know how it goes.