Bearing King

I got my Bearing King last night. it came with 2 bearing tips, 3 bearings and a fixed tip.
the string feels short (61 inches though) and i like the duncan button more than the spintastics one(i got large but slender fingers so the duncan button just fits better).
i had to file down some spurs on the tip where it meets the top as the were grinding.
the top is alittle off balance. i nested a blob of plastacine under the weight ring to correct it. i might of used too much and have to adjust it.
all told i am pretty satisfied… i just have to deal with short string.

61 is a lot better than the 54 I keep seeing. Just know you need to have the tip pointed out a little instead of straight up and down to compensate for the over-rotation caused by the short string.

You have it taped?

3/4 green electic. i listen good


tip pointed out seems to be nearly 90 degrees when I’m throwing a boomerrang

So the tip is pointed toward you or away from you when you boomerang?

I got the tip pointing away. When I 'rang it it comes back with the point straight down and it’s an easy catch. when I’m throwing at the ground I have to point it up a little, but that might be from me throwing lazily underhanding it some.
Not that I’m complaining any, I just find it odd that I have to adjust my throw that much.