Bearing Help

i put yoyofactory performance oil on my bearing that came with my DV888 but it seems like the yoyo is more responsive after doing so any suggestions?

That’s what oil does, makes it more responsive. Play it or clean it to get it back to being unresponsive.

He did an IRC drive-by. Turns out he put 3 drops of lube in there. People really need to watch the tutorials here.

Yeah, I agree with Studio. And all you need is the smallest drop of oil you can get to fall off of a tip of a needle or pin.

I don’t know, before I really watched the tuts, I remember putting 3-4 drops of lube on my DV888 and DM2’s bearings (thinking, more is better, right?), but I never experienced more responsiveness from either. In fact, my YYF spec bearing and YYJ speed bearing spin just as good as a couple of my OD 10-balls, and even spin longer (finger flick) than one of the ODs.

Bearing lubrication is all about physics, fluid dynamics and load on a radial surface. Any liquid lubrication is going to create drag. The more you add, the greater the drag.

Its best to decide how you want to play and add the lubrication accordingly. For unresponsive play use a toothpick to apply the lube to only a few balls, its not about anything but corrosion protection at this point. If you want more response add more lube. Fine tune it to your needs and you’re set!

When I use lube, which is rare, I use a blend my cousin who is an engineer helped me formulate. You can try servo oil for rc cars which is plastic friendly and has a very low viscosity.

Thats the great thing about a yoyo, you really do have control on how you play and you can use the same yoyo for it all.