Bearing help please, this is important

So, I know. I had lot of problems with my SuperStar. OK, now, I was playing with it, and all of a sudden it screeched and became responsive. So I unscrewed it and spun the bearing, and it would just screech and stop spinning. Nothing’s in it, I know that for sure, but it’s screeching and stuff. So I have a couple of questions, first of all, do you think it’s a problem with the bearing seat, or the bearing? And second off, I saw at Bird in Hand in Chico while I was at the USA National yoyo contest, my friend needed a new bearing, so they used this metal bar thing, and stuck it in the open circle in between the bearing, and it popped right out. What is this, and were can I buy it? And I tried pliers and the bearing is not coming out. I’m using enough pressure, and gently wiggling it, but it just can’t come out. So thanks for all the help guys! :wink:

Could very well be that your bearing died. Do you play it dry or lubed?

Try cleaning/lubing it to see if you can bring it back.

The “metal bar thing” is more than likely a metal rod. You stick the end into the bearing and wiggle it back and forth. It will pry the bearing off w/o damaging it. If your yoyo uses the standard C size bearing a 1/4 inch drill bit will work just fine. For other size bearings, try a different size drill bit. Obviously use the butt end of the bit.

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Will it work if the bearing is on the same size as the axle? And also can I get the drill bit at a hardware store?

If the bearing is on the same side as the axle the drill bit won’t work. What will work is a steel tube of the right size. The axle fits inside the tube, and the outside of the tube grabs the inside of the bearing. (That’s confusing). You can get a drill bit or tubing of various sizes at the hardware store.

Here’s a description of using a rod to remove the bearing. (Scroll to bottom of page)

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Another option if the axle is on the same side as the bearing is to first remove the axle with an allen key and then pop the bearing out with a bit. Good luck!