Bearing changes


i went down to onedrop recently and one of my yoyos had a sat on effect and they said it could be caused by putting a bearing besides a 10 ball in it. would it seriously damage my onedrop yoyos if i used a center track instead?
sat on is when you actually sit on a yoyo or put pressure on it. it there is to much it will psuh the axle into the threads or bend it mildly. and now that i think about it it really makes no sence how to could damage a yoyo.


Not sure what a “sat on effect” is, but anyway…

I have a one drop with a CT in it now and two other one drops that had CTs and CTXs at one time or other. I don’t have any problems with any of my yoyos…

I really don’t see how a CT bearing, or any other size C yoyo bearing, could cause any damage to a yoyo. Maybe if you explained what a “sat on effect” is a little better it would be clearer.


Somebody gave you a wrong answer…
I believe your answer is here.

Replacing 10Ball Bearing

See mrcnja’s and The Machinist’s answers (on page 2)