Bearing/ bearing seat help

Ok so today I got my crayon I was playing with it when suddenly it started screaming like a banshee so loud in fact my puppy started crying, I know you are gonna say lube it well I did… and it didn’t help. So the next logical thing to do is clean the bearing and when I went to get the bearing off it was worse than my yffs death grip. I used my yff tool, pliers, and even with various amounts is time in my freezer, it didn’t budge. So now I’m stuck with a responsive screaming beast and I can’t do anything. Is there any other methods I can try? Should I send yoyoexpert an email?

  • Alexander

It may be breaking in. Get some ear plugs, distribute them(yourself included) and keep playing it for a few more days and see if the noise goes away. However, that does not resolve the bearing seat grip of death problem. That’s an entirely different issue.

Short of that, try it again with 30 minutes in the freezer(no more, no less) and maybe a better bearing puller(1/4" drill bit might be an option) and keep working it. It may be a possibility that you might have to destroy the bearing. However, seriously give the freezer/bearing puller+pliers method a lengthy try.

In the meantime, go ahead and contact YYE for further advice.

I have to destroy a bearing once to remove it from a yoyo. No choice. It was a YYF, for those keeping track of that kind of stuff.