hope you like this one…it plays smooth…the feeling is…combination of BVM and 888…

(system) #2

san moh binili pare sa atin lang din bah?
kasali ka rin bah sa flipspin?

(JonasK) #3

Something with “bought”, “us” and “also involved”. Just use English, I get distracted by Tagalog.

(Marc) #4

I can kinda translate:
where did you buy for us only din bah?(dont know the last two words)
are you part of flipspin?


Awesome, was it gruntbull’d?

(Mark) #6

Why does the picture name say “New AODA BVM”? Is that the AODA sunlight? A copy of a 888? Anyway, it looks sweet.


looks awsome

(system) #8

i mean "wow! where do you buy?, only in hte philippines?
are you also in flipspin group (a yoyo group in the philippines →



yup its AODA 888 copy but it plays good…were just testing my friend’s paint job (he is a yoyo modder in our country)…just a birthday gift from my friend,i bought it for P1,500…then after 2 months i decided to repaint it…i choose BVM’s looks with the body similar to 888…somehow it plays great…