Bear v man or b grade bear vs man.


I want a bvm but I don’t know if it’s worth getting the a grade one for 25 extra dollars.please help or give me other suggestions.


I got a BVM. I like it. I bought it used.

New, it’s pricy at $115. I can’t see how a B-grade can justify costing more, but I have different definitions of what b-grade means. The top dollar should be the A-grade or what normally sells. If this is so special, then it should be some sort or “premium Reserve” or something. In my mindset, anything not A-grade is something that has some sort of flaw, which may be as trivial as a nick or scratch, or since new, most likely an ano flaw or something like that. Enough where “we can’t sell this as factory perfect, but good enough to stand behind it and still put it on the market.”

So, in my opinion, I can’t justify spending an extra $25 on A B-stock yoyo that is already costing $115. I’d pay $100, but not $140.


Ok so I’ll probably get the b grade.


Studio, I think he meant the a-grade was 25$ more.

Go for the b-grade. It is only ano flaws


After re-reading I agree. Either way a B-grade can’t cost more than an A-grade in my opinion. I’d go for the B-grade any time.


Vibe on grinds.


Almost all yoyos vibe on grinds…


More vibe on grinds then. .


I’m a cheap “B” grade sorta guy!