Beacon NY/ Dutchess County meet up?


Hi all,

Just throwing it out there if anyone would interested in a meet up in Beacon NY?
I recently was involved in helping my friend open his coffee shop in Beacon NY, and he is very down with hosting various events such as a yoyo meet up.

Just figured I would throw it out there and gage the interest.

also, I am new to the forum, I was very active before yyn went down but went to college and stopped throwing for a while and recently got back into it. Very excited to be back.



Whats up, my name is lucas and I’ve been yoyoing for almost 5 years, I’m interested in meeting up. I don’t check my forum often so if you wouldn’t mind sending me an email at with more info that would be great!


Hi Lucca,
I ive in the Adirondacks, but my son lives in Beacon. Maybe I should pay him a visit…
Have you had any responses?


I just moved away from that area but still visit occasionally. I hope this picks up