Be cautious with xiaogucci98

You may remember that a few days ago a new user known as “xiaogucci98” posted a topic: “Can a scam be reported to the police?” Claiming that he just wanted the security of knowing that it could in case he got scammed in the future.

Well today I received a ridiculous trade offer from him… His chief and avalanche for my chief. I told him I was worried it may be a scam considering he has 1 feedback and it’s from a person who created their account yesterday. He then admitted to making the false account and giving himself feedback.

Then I asked him about the post he made about reporting scams to the police.

I said “You asked that with the intention of scamming.”

He responds with “Ok lol sorry then -.-”

We never agreed to a trade, I never lost anything, he just seems suspicious so be cautious if you are going to try to trade with him.

Thanks for the heads up! God Bless - Moefv

In regards to the fake feedback if suspicious feedback is noticed, if and how should it be brought to the MODS attention. Situation like feedback left by a user the day the account was created seeing as how there is no time for trade to take place. I know threads can be created to pint this out but maybe there could be a way to alert the powers that be. Save some people trouble?

There is a “report” button next to feedback. You can use that or simply PM one of us.

As far as xiaogucci98 goes, he’s on a permanent vacation from the forum. He also left 16 negative feedback for Plank4God that I’m going to remove now.

Yes the 16 negative feedback was a bit of a surprise for me. Thanks for the help.

You spotted that pretty fast plank4god…you were lucky…:blush:

I was about to ship literally
2 Maxbets, a Petr Kavka Chief, a Avalanche and a YYR Clash to him.
Then I saw this.


Just for the record, this guy and all of his “friends” that left him feedback on the same day have been banned.