Cleaning House!

I was reading the other threads about how scammers make fake accounts to boost their trade accounts. another thread mentioned IP blocks but we all know that is way more trouble then it’s worth and probably won’t work. So I was curious and dug around a little. First I looked at an account a lot of people are complaining about and then I looked up the fake feedback and sure enough an account had no post, recently made, and gave good feedback on the original account. No posts? When we leave feedback it isn’t considered a post? So I looked at my own trades and sure enough I can see my feedback but no feedback I had given. So my first idea was…

If someone leaves feedback for someone else it should also be listed in their account or have a button “feedback given”. This way you can see everthing not just the feedback we have been given. If a fake account is made then we will be able to see the no posts and under the trading button we can see if they left feedback. This would give us a better clue if it’s a fake account and we can better protect ourselves.

The second thing is that I pulled up the members page and noticed how many accounts that have been made throughout the years that have never posted. Maybe YYE should start deleting accounts that have signed up and never even posted once( within a time period of course, like 3 or 6 months). By my guess we would acually see the member count drop by a third. Or does yye want to keep their fake accounts to boost their own credibility. I realy don’t see yye with 14,000+ members.

My thoughts.
Time to clean house!

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