Be careful

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Over at our college campus, there was a notice that some strange individual armed with a blade and a gun has been going up to students and robbing them for ipods, and cell phones.

We just wanted to tell you all something that we find very important.

Be careful of your surroundings. We have seen many individuals walk around with their heads down, looking into a cell phone or ipod. Keep in mind that you are holding a pretty expensive piece of electronic in your hand, and robbers are after those items. And when you are looking un alert, and vulnerable by yourself, it makes you the perfect target.

We have started taking extra precautions wherever we go. Don’t walk alone through areas you may be suspicious of. Keep your head up, don’t look down into your phone or ipod as you walk.

We have noticed a rise in crime like this around our city, and its a scary thing, and we know that its probably not just this city where this is happening. Be careful everyone.

Stay safe out there, we don’t want to see anyone getting hurt.



Will think about tht next time thanks.


We? You clone yourself?


Y’know, I walk around my area and stab people who refer to themselves in the third person. I feel like I’m doing the world a favor.


Studio42 doesn’t understand why people would behave like that.

OW! Stop it.

But seriously, not too long ago there was some sort of serial rapist on a nearby college campus where a sister in law attended school(same one who got shot recently, un-related incidences).

My suggestions:
Most of us have cell phones. Have them ready and in good working order.
Carry a flashlight. You can get super bright LED ones for cheap. If you’re out at night, carry the flashlight and use it. Check UNDER and ALL around and INSIDE your vehicle before you get inside. If you have to use multiple doors, keep tabs on everything you open and control door openings best you can.
Walk in a group, or with a friend or even escorted.
Regarding property: Your life aint worth it. Give it up and get away. But, if you must carry valuables, learn to conceal them better.
SCREAM LIKE A GIRL. Seriously. If suspect you’re in danger, do what you can to attract attention to yourself. Better yet, blow a whistle. Those are fairly cheap.
Pepper spray ain’t just for christmas shopping. Know how to use it.

Stay safe. Crime rises during the holidays. It’s bad enough depression and suicide is on the rise, but property and personal crimes jump too. This is a time to just take a few extra steps to protect yourself. Get a flashlight, a whistle and attach them to a good lanyard. Don’t leave the house without it. If you have to escalate past that, such as carry pepper spray, consider not walking alone at night to your vehicle.

While Jayyo’s advice is pertinent to where he is, it could easily happen anywhere. Just be more alert.



On topic, though, a woman was mugged near my area not too long ago, she only had $5 on her. She was shot in the head. This stuff happens, and it could happen to anyone.

Studio’s advice is good, I’m not going to restate anything he has already said. If you have to defend yourself, do it like you mean, incapacitate them any way possible and get away. My father carries a gun in his truck, he has never had to use it (for self defense, mind you) but if our lives was threatened, I have no doubt he would.

My point is, be prepared, I’m not saying everyone should have a gun or advocating the killing of anyone, but, if someone attacks you or your loved ones, defend them however necessary. Just remember, any weapon you carry and are unable to use effectively is an advantage to your aggressor,


if im not mistaken, concealing a three inch blade is legal without a permit eveywhere but on school grounds… and if someone comes in your home and endangering you, grab what ever you can and dont hold back… i know i wouldnt…


One of my mom’s colleagues got sued because they wacked someone who had broken into there house with a lamp.


I know a man personally who shot someone that broke into his house (don’t worry, no one died, it was bird shot in a shotgun). No legal action was taken, just goes to show how different things can be…


I carry a flashlight (surefire) and a knife every where I go, except school. Please note they are for strictly self defense purposes, and I know how to use them when the time comes.


I don’t think that you needed to tell us that you know how to use a flashlight. lol