Bday yoyo ideas?

Now I only need two of the best yoyos you guys can think of. Just two. It has to be under $50. It has to spin for a long period of time and still can do tricks with that long period of time. When you suggest the two. Tell me what kind of course and the spin time. Spin time is important to my friend. And what it’s made of. Just tell me everything you know about the yoyo. In the reply.

You should get a Skyva which is around $20. It would also be a good move to get a Big Dipper, shutter, horizon, etc.

get a Yomega Brain and a Losi Cherry Bomb.

They will spin for exactly as long as you can make them spin and will be able to do all the tricks you can make them do in that period of time, which could be impressive.

K I’ll give him a Skyva and a Yomega Brain

If he likes plastic, go for a Skyva and Replay Pro
If he likes metal, go for a Shutter and Horizon

Oh ok. Skyva will do him good I hope

I agree with the people who said Horizon and Shutter…probably the best options. A Vanguard also fits your criteria. For plastics, you can’t go wrong with the Skyva. If you’re willing to dish out $10 more, I’ve heard the Cabal is great.