Battle Of The Modern Responsives. (Calling All 0a/ modern responsive Players)

Ok… the time has come… I really appreciate the gamer!

I was a noob when I got it it at the start of the year (still a noob skill wise).

I guess I was expecting something else and expecting it to be lighter.

I’m a big fan now and have been throwing it daily just as a chill yoyo.


Hey all I have been super enjoying learning 0A tricks, so far I love the Weekender with pop strings, and the Slim Dunk with hog whips is really great too. I have tried a bunch though… such as the Zodiac with a slim bearing and some lube, the Confusion GT with some lube, YYF Legend Wing, Duncan Bee GT, Butterfly, Freehand 2, Flying Squirrel and even the Duncan Metal Drifter with a slim C among even some modified shapes like the regular Bee. I am having a great time. Its strange to me yall don’t like the lighter yoyos, I find the lighter ones are easier to land stalls on for sure!

Also, Is the Duncan Metal Racer able to accept a slim C bearing? I wonder if 0A peeps can just be good with anything haha


I also have a question for the modern responsive players. I only have 1 responsive yoyo which is the butterfly xt and was looking to get some more responsives. I was looking to get the yyf legend wing, one, replay, and whip. Are those all good responsive yoyos?


Replay is weird and twists on its center easy for me plus its pretty heavy for responsive. One was great but might need some tuning to get the correct amount of response/snag. And do you mean Legend Wing or Legend? Both are great but legend is really for loops only. I’ve never owned a whip tho. Are you not into metal responsive?


If you’re looking for 0A/modern responsive, the Legend Wing.
The others have kinda low walls, imo, makes them not the best for 0A.

If you’re just looking for 1A responsive throws, any of them are decent enough.



The only metal responsive I know of is the dv888 and moonshine. I was planning on getting the dv888 before I heard how bad it is. Don’t mind getting a metal responsive, just need to be careful I don’t break my hand, lol

  • Yomega Maverick
  • CoreCo Alleycat / Alleycat 650b
  • Doc Pop Weekender
  • Doc Pop x ZipLine Daytripper (unfortunately not available, was pre-order, you’d have to troll the BST for this one)
  • Cold Fusion (I think)
  • Cold Fusion GT (I think)
  • Rain City Skills AL Gamer
  • YYF Sherpa
  • YYF x CLYW Moonshine and Moonshine 2
  • Duncan Butterfly AL (kinda)

Some standard metal throws will take a slimline C bearing, but you have to be careful of the gap width, not everything will take one and work well.

I’d stick with a wooden fixed axle or a plastic responsive, though, if you just want straight up 1A.

Edit: Specifically for the bashed knuckles thing



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I’ve gotten my Moonshine 2 and it is good after I put a bunch of lube and changed the string to a fat string! Weekender is amazing I think because they are both A size bearing. The C size yoyos can be good too like the Slim Dunk and YYF DNA. I have a Butterfly AL and it was alot better for 0A when I changed the bearing to a shorter axle and a lubed slim C bearing, same with the Freehand One AL. The Zodiac with a lubed slim C bearing is good for trapeze stall practice because it has a pretty angled wall so you gotta catch it just right. Finally tried a slim C on a Duncan Metal Racer and there is a gap between the bearing and the bearing seat on the non-axle side because the two seats are two close together, you’d have to file it down… the plus of that yoyo is that it is like 13 bucks on ebay!

man I feel kinda lame for swamping the thread but I am just too interested sorry yall


Just wondering, why does this thread excludes recent fixed axle releases from being modern responsives?

I get the impression that the term “modern responsive” is being used here to refer specifically to responsive yo-yos WITH a bearing that are generally geared towards stall style play rather than longer strings tricks. These typically, but not always, include design features such as high walls and slim bearings.

There are other threads that specifically refer to “fixed axle” yo-yos and exclude these “modern responsives” with a bearing.


Out the ones mentioned here that I’ve tried, I like the Weekender the best!

I don’t understand why people knock the Deep State for 0a. I have no problem doing everything I can do in 0a on the Deep State. Even though it’s not a modern 0a trick, I think Shoot the Moon is a good indicator that your yoyo is set up well for it, and I can STH all day on mine. I’ve had two, but traded one. They both responded similarly for me. The one I have left is the Copper one, and I have brass spikes in it. Even with the extra weight, I enjoy it for 0a.

The Deeper State isn’t on the list. I’ve never tried it. I didn’t really want a wider gap, and wasn’t as excited for a tapped axle verses the SEs. It was well received, but now it seems it’s never mentioned. It hasn’t been mentioned here either!

The modern responsive that dominates my playtime is a Delrin made by @Glenacius_K. It’s hands down my favorite.


Does the Deep State come with a greased bearing? If so, I think with a fat string it would be great even though it has a C bearing.

To be honest I’m tempted to get another modern responsive to go with my Day Tripper, but I’m not sure the Weekender or 650b will play differently enough to justify them. The Deep State with side-effects and a C bearing might be just different enough lol.

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Patience my good man, patience.

The RBC will be here soon. Something a little different and rather kick-bottom.


The RBC does look pretty rad. I’ve loved seeing all the posts about it lately.

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If you want one for pure 0A, it will have you covered and some.


I don’t have a 650b, but I do have the rest. Well the Deep State is probably my least favorite for the style. I don’t understand how @Myk_Myk feels comfortable shooting the moon on it, cause it is just too wide even with lube. Imo the Deep State is much better as a semi-responsive.

The Weekender was my previous favorite for 0A until the Day Tripper. But when it comes down to it, I like the slimmed down Day Tripper much more. If the Weekender was an 8/10 for 0A, id consider the Day Tripper a 9. Both are fun, and play differently enough from each other that they aren’t even close to being “samey”. I just feel a little bad for my Weekender, because now that I have the Day Tripper id rather reach for it or a wooden fixie instead.

I cant wait for the RBC though. If the wood version is any indication of play, it will be GOOD.


How does the Slim Jim compare? I really wanted one, but just couldn’t un-see the sea of SlimJim ™ beef sticks on the site they were sold on and knew that’s all I’d think about whenever I picked it up if I got it haha.

When you say too wide, I’m assuming you mean the gap? 3.25mm is a little bigger than most throws in this category, but doesn’t seem crazy. The Deep State is the same 28mm wide as the Day Tripper (which btw recently became my favorite yoyo in my collection lol).

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