BAttle: Finch Vs. Genji (and possibly YOYOSR2PRO)

Battle time.


YOYOSR2PRO may stilll be entering, but i am not sure and it is well past the due date.
EDIT: YOYOSR2PRO is now in

Poll will be open for a week


I’ve got to go with Finch. He was smooth, and his tricks seemed the most technically difficult to me.

I voted for Finch lol I’m not that good.


Ill give some constructive thoughts for all 3 entries.

Really difficult to see your tricks. Your use of blacklight was a fun idea, but it made things really difficult to see, and honestly, in a yoyo trick battle, its a bit unfair to use a blacklight as its a bit of an “extra novelty” to add to a video when you don’t specify to your competitors, it actually makes it a bit unfair. That said, from what I could see it looked good and smooth, but it was incredibly difficult due to the dim lighting even with the blacklight, made things difficult to see so I felt I was mostly watching a black screen with a few quick glimpses of something lighted swinging by.

You’re coming along nicely. Definitely see improvement from the last video I saw from you. Work on your control and fluidity. At this point, it feels that you are still letting the yoyo “control you” rather than you “controlling it”. While you want to work with the yoyo’s natural motions It feels like the yoyo is pulling you in directions forcefully, rather than you working with it to make your movements. this makes some of your moves seem a bit underdeveloped, just something to work on, try to get more of a natural feel for what you want to do, and let the yoyo take you places, but don’t let it pull your body around and treat it like a rag doll.

Good control of your tricks. You are developing well it seems. Your usage of lighting from the back made it hard to see some of your tricks though. Make sure in the future to light yourself from the front. It will make the things you want to see stand out, stand out much better. You are still in the stage of using major entry level elements, so try to branch out and find new mounts to work with and gain fluidity and knowledge of where to go within those mounts.

All in all, nice job to all 3 of you, but I had to go with Y0Y0SRPR0 on this one. He showed the most control from what I could see of the 3 and shows promise.

Great work to all!