1A battle with me and Hunter!!Plzz watch and vote thanks!


1A Battle


YoYo Battle



Hunter did great! His tricks were cool!!

I have some tips to help you out more Hunter :smiley: : Cut the string. and don’t go too fast. Its not about speed. Having long string and having to do tricks too fast loses control.


your both awsome but hunter you gotta go slower it makes you look like a rookie ;D and your not your almost better than me 8)

jemaya, hunter was good to, it was a hard deccision but i think hunter just went a little to fast, also he moved around alot. Great job to both of you though ;D
if only we lived in a world where you could vote for both people. :stuck_out_tongue:

i liked both of you guys.
you are good at yoyoing!!
great battle!! cant wait to see the results!

Thanks for commenting for both of us!!!

Hunter gets my vote, unclejemenya stood too close to the camera and I always liked speed.