Yoyo Battle!!! Yocrazygoofy vs gm user

Voting ends in three days so cast your vote now!!!


gm user

Srry Yocrazygoofy but I gotta hand it to GM user, you cant really see your string :-\

Gosh I knew i’d die because of that i’ve got to get a better video recorder than a little camera.

Im choosing GM user, nothing to do with the string visibility, just that gm user had cooler tricks. You’re good goofy! Just that gm user had a really nice yuuki slack variation, and i really liked it.

Both of you are good ;D

sorry goofy. i gotta vote for Gm user because his trick were a lot smoother plus he had many cooler tricks and more variety. u did a lot of things from trapeze.But ur still both much better then me :slight_smile:

keep throwing :wink:

Up to the top, remember:

i have to vote for gm, goffy is good but gm’s tricks seem cooler, no offence goofy

Goof don’t get me wrong, you’re great. And you had the balls to step and try to bust a move first. But gl user has in with this one. Sorry man

Back up!
I have a questoion for you guys; what level do you think I will be good in for Jayyo’s PYVC?

I really think you are too good for maverick, so join hyper ;D

I’m going hyper… O.o

Alright, thanks, I will join Hyper, back on topic now.

i gotta choose gm user but your both better than me

I will own you in hyper!!! >:D Jk…

Well see…

GM USER OWNS! Yocrazygoofy, nice Trapeze miss into a Buggs Bunny. Lol. Just kidding. You both did a wonderful job. It takes a lot to go in front of a camera or a audience messing up because you know people will see it. Good job, though! :wink:

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Voting closes tommorow!

Goofy, you should cut your strings just a little. It’ll make your tricks smoother.

I didn’t vote yet, I’m going to watch the videos another time.

So, what do you think?

I voted for gm user, because he had better flow. The movements seemed a lot more natural.