"Battle" Chp.1 The Begining...

Okay so I’m releasing the “Battle” vid early for a couple reasons.

  1. I got a lot of footage yesterday at the southern cali meet.
  2. I got an idea because of 5a may and I’m gonna make this into chapters, the next chapters I’m gonna do different styles of play (2a, 5a, maybe 4a).
    Okay and now the vid… :wink:

yeeeeeeeeeeeee :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh yeah that waz freeakin’ sweetness both of u great at yoyoing


Nice. I think it was a little too long though. Plus you might have an easier time if you used a shorter string.

i know it was long but its cause im making a 3 series thing of this to make it fun
and i like string from package its easier than cutting,and more room for tricks

great tricks to both of you
the second time you came out on camera you looked scared

if you like Avenged seven fold
you should use "chapter four for your Chpt 4 video
that’ll be tight

Hey mr. genki how do u do that gyro flop in the beginning of the vid

he taught me how i can tell u if u still dont get i can make a tut.

  1. get into mach 5 mount as shown
  2. grab the string with both hands very tight
    3.pull and it will flop
  3. just drop the non throw hand string or bind it and then you’ll be out of it.

Or you can do a Houdini Slack and pull. For a Houdini Slack get into a trapeze and push your thumb in the string just like plastic whip, and whip the string onto the right side of the gap, and that’s Houdini Slack. If you don’t get it, I would suggest learning it on youtube.

buddha said pretty much everything but the way i get into it is from trapeze instead of doing faris wheel do the roll the oposite way then swing over and ur in it

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wat do u mean roll the oppisite way i kinda get it but not hat part

i dont have a camera but ill call buddha right now to make a tut

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Thx so much im making a video and i will probaly use that and if someone asks how to do ill say ask Mr.Genki

i love avenged seven fold and oh yes buddah fuzion you can yoyo great but you didi look scared hahah but your good and you might want to yoyo to something like gucci mane check me out im going to post a vid later about my 3 months yoyoing

lol i dont know why i did that