battle anyone?

well just bored got a webcam
1 regen
1 throw
1 minute 30 secs

Looking for 3-4 people

How long you been throwing? What level would you describe yourself to be at?

almost a year. I am decent I guess. I’m not sure how to rate my self. I do combos and make my own tricks. not sure how else to rate my self

id be willing

Probaby Im not the right competitior. Are you competition ready and place relatively close to making finals? Ive been throwing for 4 years and have gotten a sponsorship offer (long story why it didn’t work out :P)]

heres a rough combo I screwed up
starts at 4:51

Id be willing!
Why not :slight_smile:

Well everybody might as well call it quits now.

I have hope lol

Wait why :o
I is confuzzled xD

im down. whens the deadline?

may 4th?

Sounds good :slight_smile:

how about one min, one throw, no edits(besides music/intro), infinite regens

and are we pming the vids to yoyosr2pro?

participant list

What styles?

1a and finches rules are now confirmed

so, 1:00-1:30 mins
infinite Regens
No edits besides intro/music
Due by may 4th

Sound right?

That “top of the hand” catch at the end was sick! I have never seen anything like that before.

have you guys sent in your videos?

only you finch gonna delay til thursday