Does anyone know when the Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works Basselope, signature yo-yo of Sabastian Brock is going to come out if so, can you tell me everything you know about it like price,bearing,gap width,shape,color,size,etc. If you can that would be great. ;D

They are still working on it. They are still in the proto stage.

The price will be from 100-130 dollars, it has a small bearing, it will have a large gap, it should be wide, but not too wide, i think, shape is kinda rounded, idk about the color, and I read somewhere that it is the same size as the Peak almost.

If you all want to know what a basselope looks like(not the yoyo) well here it is…

Well, I’m kind of going off subject and my computer won’t let me copy the real pic so this is just link to one!!! Still answer my first post plz ;D

Um…didnt I already do that?

Also, BTW, in your fav yoyo spot, you abbreviated CLYW wrong, it doesnt have 2 Y’s. Just thought I’d throw that out there :wink:


I thought I was the last person on earth who still remembered (fondly, I might add) Berekley Breathed’s Bloom County comics.

Time for me to pull my compilation books out and have a chuckle.

Okay, does anyone know when it is going to come out?

Seriously, I think most of the people in this forum were not even born when Bloom County was published!!

Long Live Opus!!!

i talked to sebastian himself and he said the second protos arrived last night, they are not sure about the release date yet and the price will be the same as the peak

How do you know him?

idk, you just start talking to him and thats how you become friends, im friends with some of the yyj team members too

That really doesn’t answer my question so did you like email him?

oh my bad, AIM

What does AIM stand for? How do you get one?

AIM is Aol’s Instant Messenger just google it and you should be able to find the home page